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You storm out during a fight and get hurt Part 2 

Harry: The next thing you knew you were in an ambulance and being rushed to the hospital. “Miss, can you tell us your name?” The EMT asked you “Y/N” You whimpered your throat hurting and your chest throbbing. You felt your eyes droop again and you fell back unconscious. You could hear the beeping of the heart machine and you felt a thumb running over your hand. “Y/n, if you can hear me, just know how incredibly stupid I am and I want nothing more than for you to wake up. I want to be able to hold you again, and hear your laugh and even hear you yelling at me for being cheeky again” You can hear the pain and the tears through Harry’s words. You forced your eyes to open and your thoughts were confirmed as Harry was sitting there was disheveled hair and red and puffy eyes. “hi” You whispered every breath aching a little bit. “Thank god your ok” harry said. “How did you know i was here?” you asked. “I got a phone call from the hospital. I guess I’m listed under your emergency contacts” He says and you nod your head. “Well yeah, you are my boyfriend” You say. “I’m so sorry about our fight” He says “Me too” You say. “I promise I will tell the world that you are my girlfriend. I just want to hold you again” He says and you do your best to make room on the bed. “Baby, don’t stress about it, with you having a low stage of hypothermia, we are going to be doing an awful lot of cuddling when you get released.” Harry explains. “How about you get some rest and I’ll get you some tea or something for when you wake up?” he suggest and you nod your head falling back into dream land. 

Niall: “Baby, come on stay with me” Niall pleaded with you as he held your hand waiting for the ambulance to show up. “I can’t loose you, I’m so sorry baby” He says again. “Niall my leg hurts and I’m so sleepy” You say “I know, But just stay awake a little bit longer baby, help is on the way” Niall tells you as you hear the sirens coming. The EMTS are quick to help you and rush you to the hospital. Your leg is aching and the pain soon takes over before you black out once more. When you awake again you find yourself in a hospital bed with Niall pacing around the room. Your leg is now in a cast and you can feel a bandage on your forehead. “Nialler” You whimper causing him to stop in his tracks and rush towards you. “Oh thank god” He says placing soft kisses all on your face. “I am so sorry. I never should’ve let you walk out that door tonight, I promise things will change. I will be spending so much time with you that you will be begging the boys to take me out for a night” Niall says and you giggle a little. “I’m sorry too, I know how much the boys mean to you” You say. “They don’t mean as much as you mean to me” Niall says. “I promise I will make this up to you” He promises. “Anything you need, say the word and I will get it for you” “Can you sing to me? My head really hurts” You ask and Niall nods. “Any requests?” “A few” you giggle as Niall sits down on the side of your bed before singing all of your favorite songs to you.

Liam: You were getting your arm stitched up when you saw Liam running down the hallways of the hospital shouting your name. “In here!” You yelled as he got closer. “Baby, are you ok? Are you hurt? Do you need anything? I’m so sorry, you were right, I got that phone call and I was so scared that I had lost you” Liam says out of breath. “I’m ok, just a broken arm” You say holding up your newly casted arm. “I can’t believe that my baby has a broken arm because I’m such an idiot” Liam says kissing your hand. “It’s ok, I forgive you Li” You say kissing his lips. “I promise you will never feel ignored again babe. I will do anything it takes to get you to stay” He says and you smile. “Of course I’ll stay” You say. “When can you go home?” Liam asks you as the doctor walks into your room. “Right now, Y/N, you need to sign some release forms but since you broke the arm that you write with you might need some help.” “Li” You ask looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. “I’ll help babe” he says taking the forms and helping you figure them out. You lean your head against his shoulder as he fills the forms out so you can come home with him that night.

 Louis: I could feel the bullet go into my side and I clutched it collapsing to the ground. I could feel my hand being covered in my own blood as I watched Louis crawl his way over to me. “Baby” Louis whispered taking off his jacket to use as pressure on my side. “Your going to be ok I promise” He says applying pressure to try to stop the bleeding. As the guys with guns make their way through the restaurant you can hear the sirens in the distance coming closer and your eyes started to feel heavy. “No Y/N, don’t you dare do this. Don’t you dare close those pretty eyes of yours and go to sleep. I need you here” Louis pleaded with you. “Lou, I’m just so tired though” You say. “I know baby but I need you to stay awake with me, ok. Can you do that for me?” He asks and you nod your head weakly. As the police and ambulances arrive Louis makes sure that you get medical attention ASAP. “Lou, stay with me” You say reaching for his hand as you are loaded into the ambulance. “I’m right here babe, I’m not going anywhere” 

Zayn: “Please, let me go” You pleaded with the guy who is groping you outside of the bar. By now he is unbuttoning your shorts and has already ripped off the shirt you had on. “Please stop” You ask trying to get away. “No way. See this could have been the easy way if only you had just said yes the first time but no you had to be difficult. And I don’t like when girls are difficult” The guy says pushing your shorts and underwear off of your body. You continued to struggle as the guy got himself undressed. You managed to make your way out of his grasp and almost away before he kicked the back of your knee causing you to collide with the pavement. The guy came closer to you and was about to thrust into you when you heard the one voice you loved more than anything. “HEY! Get off of her!” You heard Zayn yell running towards the two of you. He pushed the guy off of you as you tried to gather some of the clothes that had been disregarded. As Zayn fought with your attacker you dialed 911 hoping they would arrive soon. As Zayn delivered one last punch, the guy fell unconscious. Zayn made his way over to your shaking form and stripped of his jacket to place around you. “Boo, I am so incredibly sorry, I-” Zayn started but you shushed him collapsing in a fit of tears into his chest. “It doesn’t matter” You mutter just happy that Zayn showed up in time. 

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